Environmental Moment - Avoid Plastics in your Life


by Sara Clegg


Being a member of the Green Team at St. Andrew makes one more aware of the many problems in our consumer world. Such as plastic! It is ubiquitous in our world and for the last sixty years its over use is evident. I am trying to cut down on my plastic use wherever I can, for example, I would avoid buying fruit juices because of their big, plastic containers. Plastic is an existential threat to our world. Everything from vegetables, to meat, to our cosmetics and soaps, are over packaged with plastic wrap. Well, my "AH-HA" moment was last week at a local restaurant, when I particularly liked the lemonade and asked the waitress if they made it in house. Her reply took me back to something I had known, and had forgotten over the years. She said, "No, it is Minute Maid juice and it comes in the frozen section." So if you want juice, just remember it doesn't have to be in those big plastic containers. Just buy the frozen and use your own container. Please help us in eliminating plastics in our lives. Just one little tip from the Green Team!