Environmental Moment - "Recycling Tips"

"Recycling Tips"

by Allyson Etherington


I want to share with you two recycling tips that have brought me a lot of joy. The first is recycling greeting cards. I reuse the front, decorative part of the card and attach them to a new piece of cardstock either with double sided tape, or with staples (which kind of gives it an urban industrial look, which can be fun). I then either save the inside message of the greeting in a special box, or photograph it so that I have the message saved and recycle the actual card itself.


The other tip is that I signed us up for Imperfect Foods. This is a website, and I am sure that there are others, that sell “ugly” produce and other items that are perfectly good, but perhaps have had a label change, etc. It’s fun and easy to order from, and they take back most of the packaging the next time you order from them. I have been very happy, and it reduces the tossing of items that may not be approved for the grocery store. I order at least $60.00 per week so that I get free delivery!


Enjoy being green!