Green Gifting

Green Christmas - Gifting

by Eileen Haflich, St. Andrew Green Team


If you're reading this, you probably recognize this conversation:


Aunt Agnes: "Merry Christmas!"


Me: "Oh how thoughtful, another orange sweater" (or necktie, or coffee mug, or knick-knack)


Hours, days, weeks later this gift is at a thrift shop or collecting dust in a closet or, if you're lucky, you get a gift receipt and return it. 


Don't be Aunt Agnes...


The NPR show "Hidden Brain" aired a piece that explored the satisfaction of gift giving. Giving "experiences" rather than things rated far higher on the satisfaction scale for both the giver and receiver. This Christmas give a gift of memories rather than more "stuff". 



The cook: a cooking class

The music lover: a concert ticket

The plant lover: a ticket to a botanical garden

The movie lover: a gift certificate to a theater

Or share your talents. Are you a:

Baker? - cookie of the month

Handy person? - free help with a project

Gardener? - help plant a veggie garden

Lover of children? - free child care for a night out


Our Earth Care Webpage has a lot of great ideas for greening up all your celebrations. Click on this link then click "Green Celebrations":


Thank you one and all for your efforts to be "green" in 2023, every small act makes a big difference. 



Your St. Andrew Green Team