Green Tip #11: Green Yard Waste Bin

There seems to be no end to bad news about the state of our environment, but there is good news too. This bi-weekly Environmental Moment will highlight some good news and offer tips on how you can help reduce waste, energy, and use of plastics. May this instill hope for our future.

Good News: There is so much good news this week! The USA is back in the Paris Climate Agreement, 2020 saw a 10% drop in Greenhouse emissions compared to 2019, and GM announced it will phase out all it’s electric cars by 2035 (that is only 14 years from now!).

Green Tip #11: Did you know that pizza boxes, wood popsicle sticks, waxed paper, and parchment can be put in the green yard waste bin? Paper products soiled by food cannot be recycled. Plus, wood and paper products don’t breakdown in the landfill, they decompose and produce methane which is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas (80% worse than carbon dioxide).