Green Tip #23: Plastic Free July – The 4 Rs

The Presbyterian Church USA actively encourages all congregations to be good stewards of all our God-given flora, fauna, and natural resources. St Andrew is actively pursuing an Earth Care Congregation designation by the PCUSA, with your help, this is an achievable goal for 2021.


Our next Plastic Free July installment:


Good News: Nearly 17 million baby Chinook salmon are being shipped directly from the hatchery to the sea in an effort to save the salmon from perishing in low stream flow during our historic drought. 


Green Tip #23: We are in the midst of Plastic Free July 2021. How have your efforts to avoid plastic changed your buying habits this month? We should carry these habits to the rest of the year with the Four R’s in mind:

-- Refuse – choose not to buy products packaged in excessive plastic, choose glass or metal over plastic. And ask yourself – “do I really need this?” Bring your own containers for “doggie bag” leftovers or take out – refuse the styrofoam, plastic cutlery, and plastic bag!

-- Reuse – look for packaging that can be reused such as glass jars or other containers that can be reused for storage. Reuse any plastic produce bags you have collected. And we can finally now bring our reusable grocery bags into the store!

-- Recycle – look for packaging that can be recycled, avoid buying products in #5 or #7 plastic or which have soft single-use plastic wrapping.

-- Rubbish – Zero Waste is our goal!


And did you know that Refill Madness in Sonoma now recycles the following items:


  1. All BIC products (pens, pencils, highlighters, etc)
  2. All Bert’s Bees packaging
  3. All wine corks (not plastic)
  4. All dental and deodorant packaging
  5. All razors
  6. All Oxi Clean and Arm & Hammer resealable packaging.


Become brand-loyal to responsible manufacturers!