Green Tip #26 – “It’s the Law!”

Effective January 1st, 2022, State Senate Bill SB1383 is law. SB1383 requires all residences, businesses, and institutions to put food waste in the green compost bin. The reason for this is that food waste creates methane in a landfill which is a very potent greenhouse gas. In fact, if all the landfills in the US were their own country, they would have the third highest greenhouse gas emissions behind the US and China. 


For those of you who have followed these Environmental Moments from the beginning in 2020, you will remember that the very first Green Tip was about disposal of household food waste. If you missed it, here is a link: Green Tip #1 There was a subsequent clarification on this post, compostable bags are acceptable in the green compost bin if you live in Sonoma city limits, however if your waste management company is Recology, you will have to put all compostable items (bags, cups, etc) in the garbage. For further information about Recology visit: Recology – What goes Where?


Some people have expressed concern about the odor and decomposition of food waste in the green bin. If this is a concern, first line the bottom of your green bin with cardboard, newspaper, or sawdust. Put your bin out for collection every week even if it’s not full. 


St Andrew has a compost bin in the Narthex, please use it!


Here is a list of acceptable items for your green compost bin:


  1. All food waste including:
    1. Meat
    2. Bones
    3. Coffee grounds and filters
    4. Tea bags
    5. Dairy products
    6. Spoiled food
    7. Egg shells
  2. Yard waste (leaves, grass, weeds, small branches, etc)
  3. Small wood scraps and sawdust (NOTE: but NEVER treated wood)
  4. Paper towels and napkins
  5. Food contaminated paper and cardboard 
  6. Pizza boxes, paper plates, bakery boxes, etc.
  7. Paper/cardboard to-go containers (But not ones that are plastic lined)
  8. Fur and hair
  9. Wooden chopsticks
  10. Parchment paper
  11. Shredded paper (NOTE: put shredded paper in a paper bag and scrunch the top)


Thank you for your ongoing efforts to Go Green!


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