Green Tip #3: Use Towels!

There seems to be no end to bad news about the state of our environment, but there is good news too. This bi-weekly Environmental Moment will highlight some good news and offer tips on how you can help reduce waste, energy, and use of plastics. May this instill hope for our future.

Good News: The Humpback whale population is flourishing after being nearly extinct in the 1950’s!

Green Tip #3:
Did you know that it takes nearly 8 gallons of water (and about a bucket full of wood chips) to make one roll of paper towels? This is in addition to the electric energy to manufacture, transportation to the store, and the single use plastic it is wrapped in. If you have old dish towels that you’re using as rags, put them in a convenient place in your kitchen and use them instead of paper towels to wipe your hands and kitchen counters. Then simply put the dish towels in your washer and use them again and again.