Green Tip #32 – “Dumpster Dive”

Dumpster Dive

By Eileen Haflich


Okay, today it’s time to get out your gardening gloves and dive into your trash can!  Sometimes we need to take a good, hard look at what we’re sending to the landfill.  Hopefully everything that you throw in the trash is non-recyclable and non-compostable, but those too sometimes sneak in. It’s worth thinking about the items you see in your trash and what the alternatives there are that don’t result in excess trash. For example, *hooray*, in many stores the bulk bins are back!  The photo shows some of the things I found in my trash and the alternative using my reusable bags and bulk bins. And yes, that means coffee beans too!  If you usually buy ground coffee consider purchasing a grinder, you won’t regret it, fresh ground coffee is the best.  


Last time I was in Safeway Sonoma, I didn’t see bulk bins, but I know that they are available in other Safeway’s around the area (including the one I go to in Rohnert Park). 


If you miss the bulk bins or want to start making them a habit, be vocal!  Stores often respond to feedback from their customers. Here is a link to provide comments:  Safeway Contact.  The more commentary, the greater chance of results.  Send this link to your friends and family.


Zero Waste is a catch phrase we hear often.  It is an aspirational goal and we may never get there completely, but we should all be aware of what we send to the landfill and how we can further minimize it.