Green Tip #32: “Your Carbon Footprint”

Environmental Moment

By Eileen Haflich

Have you ever wondered what your family’s carbon footprint is? Well, there’s a website for that! Click here to find out yours: Your Carbon Footprint
What I found out after doing this is:


  1. Air travel has a very, very significant negative impact on our family’s carbon footprint.
  2. Even with a strong recycling and low consumption lifestyle, our foot print is impacted by a relatively large home and the fact that we drive everywhere we go. 


If you are as disconcerted as I was about your carbon footprint, you can make conscious changes. In addition to (but not instead of) making lifestyle changes, the Presbyterian Church USA has a carbon-offset fund: PCUSA Carbon Offset Fund. PCUSA has partnered with global organizations who have established and productive tree planting projects. Consider donating whenever you take a flight.


The fact is that we make choices every day that impact Climate Change. As I have mentioned this month, we make the most significantly positive impact when we are thoughtful. Thoughtful about our consumption, thoughtful about what we discard, and thoughtful about how we can continue to tweak our lifestyle to lighten our footprint on this beautiful, irreplaceable Mother Earth.