Green Tip #4: Reuse Junk Mail

There seems to be no end to bad news about the state of our environment, but there is good news too. This bi-weekly Environmental Moment will highlight some good news and offer tips on how you can help reduce waste, energy, and use of plastics. May this instill hope for our future.

This week’s installment is brought to you in part by Debra Vaughn.

Good News:
There is ground breaking research in converting plastics into usable resources like hydrogen and other fuels. It may be years, however, before there is a scaled up solution to our plastics problem. In the meantime, please reduce your plastic waste (even what you recycle) by using refillable water bottles and buy products in containers that are made from either glass or metal.


Green Tip #4:
The Vaughn family uses envelopes and paper from junk mail as note paper! 
Did you know that 44% of junk mail goes into the recycling without even being opened? If you want to reduce your junk mail you can look for the website of the company and there is usually an unsubscribe option. There are also on-line organizations that will remove you from the distribution list of catalogs or magazines.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash