Green Tip #40 – “Help Us Build a Prayer Walk”

This Sunday Dec 4th, the Green Team will have a table at the Alternative Christmas Faire – Please stop by!


The Green Team will be fundraising to create a Prayer Walk that is filled with mostly native plants that pollinators and birds will flock to and nest in, and which people can enjoy also. It will wind in the church grounds and allow us to walk along and meditate on our prayers.


It will definitely be a work in progress, we have such a wonderful and beautiful space to grow, pray and relax as we step along a winding path.


To raise the funds we need, the Green Team has partnered with a company that sells environmentally friendly products and we get 20% of all sales. 


Also we will be selling some specially made items:

  1. Ditch the Brillo Pad! – buy a scrubby ($4 each or 2 for $6)
  2. Ditch the plastic produce bags! – buy mesh produce bags ($3 each or 2 for $5)


If you will not be at church on Sunday but would like to buy some of these items, please email Eileen Haflich.



Eileen Haflich, Cathy Claeys, and Kitty Brenek