Green Tip #41 - "Product Packaging"

Have you ever noticed that many common household products are sold in both cardboard and plastic packaging? This is true for laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, sugar products, and many more. While it's debatable whether a product that comes in a recyclable plastic container is any worse than one that comes in a cardboard container, there is no question that recyclable cardboard is better than single use plastic packaging.


The next time you shop, take time to look at alternative packaging. Buy fresh produce rather than packaged produce, freeze produce such as corn when it's in season for later use, and check out all the environmentally friendly household products at St Andrew's partner TruEarth: St. Andrew gets 20% of anything you or your family or your friends purchase using this link. (Funds are earmarked for a Prayer/Meditation Garden) 


Thank you for being a thoughtful shopper!

Eileen Haflich

Green Team Leader