Green Tip #9: Use Less Plastic

We start a new year with new resolve to reduce our carbon footprint. This bi-weekly Environmental Moment will highlight some good news and offer tips on how you can help reduce waste, energy, and use of plastics. May this instill hope for our future.


Good News: Denmark became the first major oil-producing nation to set itself a deadline to end extraction.


Green Tip #9: Let 2021 be the year we all resolve to use less plastic, particularly single use plastic. NPR and Frontline completed an investigation on the plastics industry which exposes the profit motive of producing plastics and the ad campaigns that “make all plastic look recyclable”. It goes on to say that “It’s pure manipulation of the consumer,”. Here is a link to the full article: The Recycling Myth. Become a thoughtful consumer, support companies that package their products in paper and cardboard. Become familiar with the plastic codes (#1 and #2 are the most recyclable). And, finally, we would love to get feedback from you on your efforts to reduce waste this year!