REDUCE • REUSE • RECYCLE - Part 1: Reduce!



This is the St. Andrew Green Team’s mantra! We are collaborating to bring you a 3 part series sharing our strategies for reducing, reusing and recycling. We hope to inspire you and invite you join with us in creating a healthier environment.


Part 1…REDUCE!

How many pairs of jeans that don’t fit live in your closet? How many wooden spoons do you need? Get your nerve up and take a look at your overstuffed garage. It’s never too soon to start spring cleaning! Sell, toss or donate anything that doesn’t spark joy or isn’t essential. Get rid of your “stuff”! And when you buy something new, be sure to get rid of one item you’ve squirreled away! It is liberating to be less possessed by your possessions and to become more conscious about your consumption. By lightening up, you may in turn light up other’s lives who may reuse what you have surrendered.


Here are more ways to reduce in your life that contribute to a healthier environment:


  1. Reduce your use of plastics. Use waxed wraps, foil, and glass containers for food storage. Only use products in recyclable plastic.
  2. Don’t buy bottled water. Use a soda stream or refillable water bottles, Use refillable coffee cups.
  3. Reduce your water usage. Replace your grass with drought tolerant plants.
  4. Reduce electricity use by installing LED lights and solar panels.
  5. Reduce your gas usage by consolidating errands.
  6. Reduce your food waste by shopping smart, composting food scraps and donating unused food to food banks.
  7. Borrow, rent or share items that are infrequently used.
  8. Sign up to paperless billing and banking.
  9. Buy products with refillable packaging.
  10. Use bar soap.
  11. Buy items that will have a longer life than disposable items, such as rechargeable batteries.
  12. Take reusable bags to shop.


Be aware. Be conscious. You can reduce, and induce others to follow your example!


by Leslie Rundell, St. Andrew Green Team