Environmental Moment - Joy Of Weeding / A Case Against Dangerous Herbicides

I have never been accused of being a neat-nick, but several times a year I get a bee in my bonnet and must spend time tidying up those “plants who’s value has not yet been discovered”. To some, weeding is an awful chore, but to me it is a pleasure.


  • I get to feel the sun on my back
  • I get to wear my big fat overalls with the knee pads
  • I get to smell the wet dirt and the plants I pull
  • I get to play with the neighbor’s cat who usually comes out to “help” me
  • I get to think of whatever comes to mind without phone, radio or TV
  • I get to stretch
  • I get to get dirty
  • I get to hear the birds
  • I get to feel proud of my progress - always wishing I had taken a “before” picture, but never do
  • I get to brag to Doug as I point out how swell it looks and he wisely agrees emphatically
  • I get to fill the giant bin with my spoils
  • I get to see/hear lots of bugs going about their business
  • There are relatively few decisions I must make, mostly, “Do I want/need this cleared?” EASY


Our yard is small, so it is a finite job. I can usually weed the whole thing in just a few day’s work. We grow veggies on a small scale, and I am happy that our soil is relatively clean. 


What’s not to like about this job? It helps to be retired, but I enjoyed it on the weekends when I was working too. Now I can do it whenever I want!


It’s been a while, so if you came to our house today you might think I never ever weeded, but in a week or two our yard will have a fresh new face, ready for planting the plants we do recognize as valuable - yum!


By Caryn Prince


P.S. Eileen just told me about an Industrial Strength Vinegar you can buy at Friedman’s to spray away weeds without harming your soil. Such a good idea!