Baptism and Infant Dedications

Baptism is available to all ages (adult and children) and all people. In our tradition, we understand baptism as something God has already done. We call baptism an outward sign of an invisible grace. God’s love claims us before we are able to respond in faith which is why we baptize so many infants. But we also baptize adults who come to faith first and are seeking to affirm God’s grace in their lives through this holy sacrament.


Baptism normally takes place during the Sunday worship service.


If you would like to be baptized or have your children baptized you can arrange this very special event by calling the church office at (707) 996-6024


Before calling, please choose two dates of your choice that would work for you and your family. Upon approval, you will be contacted with more details and final arrangements.


The Sacrament of Holy Communion, also known as The Lord’s Supper and Eucharist, is generally celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. Each celebration begins with a welcome for all people to participate. All are welcome to the Table of Grace, wherever you are, whatever you’re carrying, the table belongs to God and God invites all of God’s people to receive the bread and juice. (Gluten-free option available)


We don’t call the table an “altar” in our tradition because we focus on the sacrament that Christ instituted for the remembrance of him, in the form of a simple meal — a sharing of bread and wine with friends.


We gather with different stories, sorrows, or joys, and we celebrate the diversity of God as reflected by those who gather. We also celebrate that what we have in common in Christ, as we partake in Communion, is greater than our differences and connects us in ways that call us into deeper relationship. In the partaking of communion, we participate with Christ whose life, death, and resurrection unites us in a common love, given freely, for us all.

Memorial Services

Whether you're a church member or not, we will honor your loved one here at St. Andrew with a Service of Witness to the Resurrection. Our pastor will connect with you to design a service that honors the life of your loved one while still respecting the understanding of your faith in God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we are here to serve during this fragile time.


The facility of St. Andrew is available for memorial services at no charge. However, fees will be charged for any ministry team members and musicians who participate in the memorial service.


Call the church office at (707) 996-6024 for more information.